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Shop4Clouds was born out of a need to simplify the cloud shopping experience. Business and IT professionals from large corporations, small businesses, academia and government have embraced cloud as a key business enabler. While that is a good thing, the number of cloud providers has grown exponentially, and cloud pricing is not standardized. Because of these realities, the process for shopping for the right cloud service has become very complicated, expensive and time consuming.

Before Shop4Clouds™ if you wanted to find the best cloud service to meet your business need, whether it is to reduce your IT costs, support a new product rollout, meet new compliance and regulatory requirements, you'd have to pay for an expensive cloud consultant to do the analysis Or you would have to trust your 3rd party IT company you have under contract or you or your staff would have to use one of the search engines to shop through the hundreds of cloud providers to meet your needs. This process leaves many feeling frustrated.

our solution

As if that isn’t challenging enough, choosing the wrong cloud solution costs you and your company time and money.

The cloud pros at Shop4Couds™, a patent-pending service, knew there had to be a better, easier and faster way to help cloud shoppers find the right solution to meet their unique needs.

For over a decade, on-line shoppers can easily shop for travel, new cars, electronics, insurance and just about anything they want to buy. Our approach is simple, why not apply those concepts to solving one of the biggest problems facing companies, academia and government interested in adopting cloud.

You Need

Service that can process and
store healthcare data…

Service that is available to my
customers during business hours
across the USA and Eu zones

Service that cost less
than $10k per month

Service that can support
quartly reporiting requierments

shop4clouds is here for you

Not all employees have the same technical background and expertise, so we have designed Shop4Clouds to work for all types of shoppers. Whether you are a techie by trade, or you have a business background in sales/marketing, finance, or human resources, we can simplify your shopping experience for buying cloud capabilities. Shop4Clouds makes finding the right solution fast, easy and productive.

If you are a start-up or small business company looking for email/productivity service; a large business looking at options to their existing, expensive on premises Human Resources or Financial platforms; academia looking for an analytical service to crunch research data, or looking for the right provider to host your software, Shop4Clouds will work for you.

So shop as much as you want, earn Shop4Clouds points, save your results, go back and revisit them as cloud provider’s information changes. We are here to support your shopping needs.

We believe your initial Shop4Couds shopping experience will be a positive one and you will come back time and time again. We look forward to having you as a long-term customer.

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